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1Green Sukuk Financing the Future309:05:00Suminto, PhDDr Suminto - Presentation.pdf
2Islamic Finance and the Real Sector in the Digital Era309:05:00Abayomi A. AlawodeALAWODE - Islamic Finance and the Real Sector in the Digital Era.pdf
3Green Economic for Sustainable Prosperity: What the University Can Do?309:05:00Prof. Basri HasanuddinProf. Basri Hasanuddin - Presentation.pdf
4Moderator110:30:00Shaima HasanShaima Hasan - Presentation.pdf
5Managing the Impact of Fintech: Case of Indonesia Islamic Banks110:30:00Adiwarman KarimAdiwarman Karim - Presentation.pdf
6The Impact of Digital Economy on OIC Member Countries110:30:00Dr. Mohamed DamakMohamed Damak - Presentation.pdf
7Digital Finance and the Future of Islamic Banking and Finance110:30:00Gabriele VigoGabriele Vigo - Presentation.pdf
8Guest Lecture010:55:00Prof. Habib AhmedProf Habib Ahmed - Presentation.pdf
9Keynote Speech011:25:00H.E. Prof. Bambang P.S. BrodjonegoroH.E. Prof. Bambang P.S. Brodjonegoro - Presentation.pdf
10Islamic Fintech Worldwide: Sharia and Compliance Issues413:00:00Maritz MansorMaritz Mansor - Presentation.pdf
11Maqhasid Sharia in Digital Economy Era413:00:00Prof. Habib AhmedProf Habib Ahmed - Presentation.pdf
12Sharia Compliance for Islamic Fintech in Indonesia413:00:00Dr. Oni SahroniDr. Oni Sahroni - Presentation.pdf
13Balancing Innovation, Competition and Consumer Protection for Financial Services Institutions in Digital Era013:30:00Prof. Dato’ Azmi OmarProf. Dato’ Azmi Omar - Lecturer Presentation (Rev).pdf
14Regulatory Sandbox and Payment System in Indonesia213:50:00Ameriza Ma’ruf MoesaOnny Widjanarko - Presentation (Rev).pdf
15Regulatory Issues in Financial Technology213:50:00Mohd. Sani bin Mohd. IsmailMohd Sani Ismail - Presentation.pdf
16Fintech and Consumer Protection in Indonesia213:50:00SarjitoSarjito - Presentation (Rev).pdf
17Regulatory Framework on ?Sharia-based Fintech: Current Issues213:50:00Prof. Dato’ Azmi OmarProf. Dato’ Azmi Omar - Presentation (Rev).pdf
18Fintech and the Inclusion of Islamic Finance in Indonesia514:40:00Ronald Yusuf WijayaMr. Ronald Yusuf Wijaya - Presentation.pdf
19The Impact of Technology Revolution for Islamic Banking Development: BTPN Syariah Experience514:40:00Mulia SalimMulia Salim - Presentation.pdf
20Fintech for Financial Sector Developmen in Indonesia514:40:00TriyonoTriyono - Presentation.pdf