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Visual Data Storytelling Competition

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Ensuring Indonesia's post-Covid-19 economic recovery and achieving strong, sustainable, balanced, and inclusive growth in the long term is our next challenge. As Indonesia will calibrate its medium-term development plan in the coming year, it is essential for Indonesia to map out possible future global power shifts triggered by geopolitics, climate change, and technology. For this reason, we invite Diploma/S1 and high school/vocational students to participate in this competition to demonstrate the value of data visualization through compelling visual data stories with a short video.


Geopolitical Shift

In the midst arising geopolitical tension and fragmentation, how can Indonesia anticipate future global power shifts and their effect on the domestic economy?

Climate Change

Aside from its threat to natural disasters and consequences to health, economy, and welfare, climate change triggered a major shift towards a greener economy. How is Indonesia riding the green transition to achieve more sustainable and inclusive growth?


The future of the world's economic development is challenged by technological development. How can Indonesia ensure technology serves as a significant catalyst for future economic development?


  • Applications are reviewed by professionals in data visualization. Successful entries will effectively communicate a narrative, messages, or insights using visual data representations
  • The review committee will select 5 shortlisted for each category for presentation
  • The jury panel will opt 3 winners from presentation
  • Prizes worth up to IDR60 million for all winners.


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  1. Individuals or teams may submit the entries. Team submissions should comprise at least two people and at most three contributors. Interdisciplinary teams are accepted. Participants are active students as verified by the Student Identity Card (KTM).
  2. An entry takes the form of a video or animation that tells a data-driven story using visualizations. The focus of the submission must be a visual narrative about the data using innovative and creative ways of presenting data.
  3. Supplementary materials are encouraged. For example, high-resolution images, videos, or audio files will help reviewers evaluate the submission.
  4. Use of any photographs, graphics, back sound, etc. taken from external sources must have prior permission/authorization of the legitimate owner and does not violate copyright law.
  5. Video must follow the predetermined theme and not contain racism, discrimination, harmful content, negative provocations, pornography, and anything that violates ethics and the law.
  6. The participant must certify that the submitted entry is original and has not been previously published.
  7. All submitted entries will become the property of the MoF. MoF may cite or use the video with proper attribution to the author will be made.
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Technical Guidelines

  1. The narrative is recorded in Bahasa Indonesia with 5 minutes maximal video duration. The video should be in mp4, mkv, or webm format.
  2. The story must feature one paragraph (entered on the submission website) that briefly describes the story and data analysis including the source of the data.
  3. Name all files (Video file, Statement of Originality, and KTM) with this format "AIFED 12 - Participant Name - Video Title".
  4. An entry is uploaded on AIFED website as well as social media (Instagram or TikTok) with hashtag #aifed2023 #infofiskal.
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Open Registration

8 September

Submission Deadline

31 October

Shortlist Notification

10 November

Short presentation for shortlisted candidates

13 November

Winner Annoucement

20 November

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