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1Productivity in Action009:00:00Imron ZuhriProductivity in Action - Blockchain.pdf
2Productivity in Action009:00:00Udi HartokoProductivity in Action - Success Story of Village Fund, Kick Andy Awards Nominee.pdf
3Productivity in Action009:00:00Tety Nurhayati SianiparProductivity in Action - Jobs for Persons with Disabilities.pdf
4Opening Speech009:10:00Ramesh SubramaniamOpening Speech.pdf
5Keynote Speech - Vice Minister Ministry of Finance Indonesia009:20:00Suahasil NazaraKeynote Speech - Vice Minister Ministry of Finance.pdf
6Keynote Lecture Session010:00:00Professor Naoyuki YoshinoNaoyuki Yoshino-Nella 12.5.2019 ver 4.pdf
7Why do firms in developing countries have low productivity?111:00:00William MaloneySession 1 - William Maloney - Indonesia2019b.pdf
8The global trend of productivity and its opportunity and challenges. 111:00:00Andrew MoldSession 1 - Andrew Mold.pdf
9Special Session - Hidayat Amir013:30:00Hidayat AmirSpecial Session - Hidayat Amir.pdf
10Special Session - Yurendra Basnett013:30:00Yurendra BasnettSpecial Session - Yurendra Basnett.pdf
11Value chain, Inequality and Rural Industrial Policies214:10:00Hugo BetetaSession 2 - Hugo Beteta-updated.pdf
12Policies to Support All Indonesian Firms Accelerate214:10:00Toby BrennanSession 2 - Toby Brennan.pdf
13Labor market mismatch and labor productivity 316:00:00Dan AndrewsSession 3-Dan Andrews.pdf
14Indonesia’s Labor Market in the Age of 4IR: Policy Implications316:00:00Sameer KhatiwadaSession 3 - Sameer Khatiwada.pdf