Strategi Pembiayaan dan Asuransi Risiko Bencana

Proceeding - 4th Annual Islamic Finance Conference

Edisi: 1 / Tahun 2020

The main objective of this two-day conference is to promote discussion on the application of theory, models, and instruments of Islamic finance and impact investment to achieve SDGs. Furthermore, the conference aims to discuss the contribution and collaboration between Islamic finance and impact investing of the OIC member countries and the impact on the role of Islamic finance for sustainable development.

The first day of the conference discusses how impact investing can help in achieving SDGs and the opportunities and challenges of the collaboration between impact investing and Islamic finance. The second day of the conference emphasizes the application of blending between impact investing and Islamic finance, the opportunities of social Islamic finance to support impact investing, as well as the role of government in blending Islamic finance and impact investing.



KONTAK: Jl. Dr. Wahidin No. 1 Gd. R. M. Notohamiprodjo, Jakarta Pusat 10710

  Kurs Pajak : KMK Nomor 15/MK.10/2020,   USD : 16,345.00    AUD : 9,900.49    GBP : 19,836.29    SGD : 11,385.80    JPY : 14,932.12    EUR : 17,954.33    CNY : 2,302.81