Researcher Day

"Connecting Research and Policy"

28 - 29 August 2019Auditorium of Fiscal Policy Agency Building,
Ministry of Finance, Jakarta

“Researcher Day” is a collaboration of Fiscal Policy Agency, Padjajaran University, the Australia-Indonesia Institute, and the University of Sydney Australia that takes place on 28 – 29 August 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

It allows policymakers, economists, academics, and private sector to exchange ideas and knowledge on the fiscal policy issue and its impacts on the Indonesian development.

The theme is “Connecting Research and Policy” that meant to build a bridge between the researcher and policymaker towards evidence-based policymaking.

The event features several seminars, panel discussions, and research competition.

We invite experts and general audience to join the event, especially in the area of the Fiscal Policy Reform, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Input-Output Modeling for policy analysis.

For young researchers and graduate students, there is an opportunity to present their papers in The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition.

We provide 180 seconds to each participant to present their research ideas, thesis, or policy paper about the Indonesian State Budget (APBN).

The best three performance for 3MT will have the chance to win a total prize of IDR10 million.

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Sri Mulyani Indrawati

Minister of Finance of Indonesia

Prof. Suahasil Nazara

Chairman of Fiscal Policy Agency - MOF

Prof. Rina Indiastuti

Professor of Padjadjaran University

Khanh Vy Hoang

Director National Accounts Benchmarks at Australian Bureau of Statistics


Director of Production Balance Sheet, Statistics Indonesia

Hermanto Dwiatmoko

The Chairman of Indonesia Railway Society 2016-2021

Prof. Arnold Tukker

Leiden University

Prof Manfred Lenzen

Professor of Sustainability Research at the University of Sydney

Hidayat Amir, Ph.D

Senior Researcher and Director of Center of State Budget, Fiscal Policy Agency

Prof. Singgih Riphat

Research Professor, Fiscal Policy Agency

Syahrir Ika

Research Professor, Fiscal Policy Agency and The Chairman of Indonesian Researcher Union (Himpenindo)

Dr. Adiatma Siregar

Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics, Padjadjaran University

Janet Salem

Circular Economy, Sustainable Lifestyles and Innovation at the UN Environment Programme

Steven Kenway

UQ Amplify Fellow Advanced Water Management Centre Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology


Dr. Raditya Sukmana

Head of Islamic Economic Department, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Airlangga

Iggi H Achsien

Independent Commissioner/Acting as President Commissioner

Dr. Mohamed Ishthiaq Akbar

Country Manager, IsDB Group Regional Hub Indonesia

Dr Rifki Ismail

Indonesian Association of Islamic Economist (IAEI)

Dr. Sutan Emir Hidayat

Director, KNKS

Guest Lecture 24 July 2019

Gulcin Salingan

Deputy Director of UNDP's Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development (IICPSD)

Guest Lecture Day 2

Dr. Houssem Eddine Bedoui

Global Lead Islamic Finance Expert Islamic Development Bank





National anthem: Indonesia Raya


Opening Ceremony

Prof. Suahasil Nazara, Chairman of Fiscal Policy Agency - Ministry of Finance


Welcoming Speech: 
Prof. Rina Indiastuti (Chairman of Padjajaran University)
Penyerahan Buku "SDG's Dewan Profesor UNPAD"


Launching : 
'IndoLab' by Dr. Futu Faturay
'Policy Impact Analysis Using Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Model' by Hidayat Amir, Ph.D. and Anda Nugroho



Keynote Address

Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Minister of Finance of Indonesia,


Refreshment break


Plenary Session 1: "Sustainability Development Goals"

  1. Janet Salem, Programme Officer, UNEP Asia & Pacific
  2. Arnold Tukker, Leiden University
  3. Singgih Riphat, Research Professor, Fiscal Policy Agency

Moderator: Irwanda Wisnu Wardhana, Researcher Fiscal Policy Agency


Lunch break 


Parallel Session 1: "Input-Output Application"

Session Chair : Ferry Hadiyanto

  1. Tri Bayu Sanjaya, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU, Australia
  2. Chairullah Amin, Khairun University, Ternate, Indonesia
  3. Maulana Malik Sebdo Aji, Badan Pusat Statistik/ Indonesia
  4. Anugerah Karta monika, Politeknik Statistika STIS, Indonesia
  5. Futu Futuray, Fiscal Policy Agency
  6. Viktor Firmana, Universitas Padjadjaran


Parallel Session 2: "Fiscal Decentralization"

Session Chair : Joko Tri Haryanto

  1. Joko Tri Haryanto, Researcher Indonesia Fiscal Policy Agency
  2. Rita Martini, Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya, Indonesia
  3. Arief Rahman Yusuf, Directorate General of Customs and Excise-The Ministry of Finance in Indonesia
  4. M. Rifki Fadilah and Vunny Wijaya, The Indonesian Institute, Center for Public Policy Research
  5. Riki Satia Muharam, STIA Cimahi & PUSDI Kebijakan dan Pelayanan Publik FISIP UNPAD, Indonesia
  6. Achmad Rifa'i, Ministry of National Development Planning
  7. Radies Kusprihanto Purbo, Direktorat Jenderal Perimbangan Keuangan


Parallel Session 3: "Economic Development"

Session Chair : Bondi Arifin

  1. Fitri Amalia, Universitas Padjadjaran
  2. Yuki Mahardhito Adhitya Wardhana, Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund (IIGF)/PT Penjaminan Infrastruktur Indonesia (Persero)
  3. Darol Arkum, Ph.D, Badan Perencanaan Daerah Kabupaten Bangka Provinsi Kepulauan Bangka Belitung Indonesia
  4. Rudi Handoko, Researcher Fiscal Policy Agency
  5. Istifasah, Universitas Dipenogoro Semarang
  6. Lilis Siti Badriah, Jenderal Soedirman University
  7. Baghas Budi Wicaksono, Padjadjaran University
  8. Yusuf Munandar, Researcher Fiscal Policy Agency



Refreshment Break


Talk Show :
 "New Indonesian Capital City"

Host: Syahrir Ika (Principal Researcher, Fiscal Policy Agency)

  1. Rudy Soeprihadi Prawiradinata  (Bappenas)
  2. Prasetyoadi (Planning & Development Workshop)
  3. Achmad Kemal Hidayat (Padjajaran University)



Keynote Address: 

  1. Khanh Vy Hoang, Director National Accounts Benchmarks at Australian Bureau of Statistics
  2. Setianto, Director of Production Balance Sheet, BPS
  3. Hermanto Dwiatmoko, The Chairman of Indonesia Railway Society 2016-2021

Refreshment Break


Plenary Session 2: "Human Capital" 

  1. Hidayat Amir, Ph.D, Senior Researcher & Director of Center of State Budget
  2. Dr. Steven Kenway, The University of Queensland
  3. Dr. Adiatma Siregar, Lecturer and researcher at the Department of Economics, Padjadjaran University

Moderator : Dr. Achmad Kemal Hidayat, Padjadjaran University


Lunch Break 


Parallel session 4: "Green Economy"

Session Chair : Achmad Maulana

  1. Novani Karina Saputri, University of Indonesia (UI) Indonesia
  2. Djoni Hartono, Sasmita Hastri and Atina Saraswati, Department of Economics, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
  3. Widodo Ramadyanto, Fiscal Policy Agency
  4. Habiburrochman Habiburrochman, Airlangga University and ID
  5. Marissa Malahayati, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)
  6. Desi Rahmawati and Hanif Ahmad Maksum, Universitas Pertamina, Indonesia
  7. Erwin Rinaldi, Universitas Padjadjaran
  8. Rita Helbra Tenrini, Researcher Fiscal Policy Agency


Parallel session 5: "Revenue Optimalization Policy"

Session Chair : Sofia Arie Damayanty

  1. Hida Sukmawati, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Indonesia
  2. Pungki Yunita Chandrasari, Fiscal Policy Agency, Indonesia
  3. Ida Farida Adi Prawira, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  4. Albert Lodewyk Sentosa Siahaan, Universitas Pelita Harapan and Indonesia
  5. Dyah Adi Sriwahyuni, Directorate General of Taxes, Indonesia
  6. Garini Putri Paramesthi, Indonesia University of Education, Indonesia
  7. Mohammad Nasir, Researcher Fiscal Policy Agency


Parallel session 6: "Fiscal Sustainability"

Session Chair : Rullan Rinaldi

  1. Agus Maolana Hidayat, Universitas Telkom
  2. Ade Jamal Mirdad, Univesitas Padjadjaran
  3. Muhammad Anif Afandi, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
  4. Khairunnisa Musari, IAIN Jember, Indonesia
  5. Delfiana Primashinta Iskandar; Raisa Fitriaini, Directorate General of Tax;for Economic Studies, Parahyangan Catholic University
  6. Sigit Setiawan, Researcher Fiscal Policy Agency
  7. Yoopi Abimanyu, Researcher Fiscal Policy Agency



Refreshment Break


3 Minutes Thesis: 
"APBN (State Budget and Fiscal Policy)"
Host: Hadi Setiawan, Senior Resaercher Fiscal Policy Agency


Announcement :

3 MT Winner
Indonesia IO Association
Conference Proceeding


Closing Ceremony:
Prof. Manfred Lenzen

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