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11th11th Annual International Forum on
Economic Development and Public Policy

Post Pandemic Economic Policy:
Coping with Uncertainties and Seizing New Growth Opportunities

Hilton Bali, 6 - 7 December 2022  |  Indonesia

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11th AIFED

December 6 - 7, 2022

The 11th AIFED

The 11th AIFED burning issues

“Creating a more balanced economic policies between promoting the consistency of development agenda and safeguarding the economy from the external shocks is considerably urgent. Following the G20 Working Groups’ processes in 2022, most countries have to put forward this effort, primarily to sustain the recovery and steer the economy toward strong, sustainable, balanced, and inclusive growth. In Indonesia’s case itself, the vision toward Indonesia 2045 is still on the plate and expected to remain intact with the coherent policy in symphony.


AIFED (Annual International Forum on Economic Development and Public Policy) is a “melting pot” of policy discussion, designed to bring academics, economists, professionals, and policymakers in one platform for the purpose of discussing and proffering workable solutions to the most fundamental problems arising in the nation. This forum is organized by Fiscal Policy Agency of the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia, and has been highly supported by various development partners. AIFED has brought the most sought-after topics in the last decade.

Transforming Capital Inflow into Real Investment through Sound Fiscal Policy
Financial Stability through Effective Crisis Management Protocol and Inter-agency Coordination
Avoiding the MIT: Lesson Learnt and Strategies for Indonesia to Grow Equitably & Sustainably
Growth Strategies for Rising Indonesia
Fiscal Reform to Support Strong and Equitable Growth: Striking The Right Balance
Unlocking Public and Private Investment: Role of Financial Sector
Riding the Waves of Technological Change: The Way Forward to Drive Productivity and Alleviate Inequality
Building for the Future: Strengthening Economic Transformation in Facing Forward Global Evolution
Thriving Indonesia: Reinforcing Strategies to Boost Productivity and Increase Competitiveness
Finding New Sources of Growth to Recover Stronger

Podcast Competition

Indonesia needs a creative approach to achieve its 2045 vision and build a solid foundation for equitable and sustainable development. We invite Diploma/S1 students to participate in a podcast competition to contribute thoughts and ideas on national economic development policies in the context of achieving the Indonesia Golden Vision 2045.

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