Investor Relations Unit

Investor Relations Unit is a unit within the Fiscal Policy Agency, Ministry of Finance of Indonesia which has been established to maintain and enhance investors’ positive perception about Indonesian economy and its policies by conducting active communication and dialogue with investors.

Investor Relations Unit within the Fiscal Policy Agency, Ministry of Finance of Indonesia (IRU-FPA) is part of the Republic of Indonesia Investor Relations Unit (IRU-RoI) which has been established as the joint effort among the related institutions in Indonesia to maintain of coordination and communication regarding economic policies and address investors’ concerns. The membership of IRU-RoI consist of among others Bank Indonesia, Investment Coordinating Board, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Industry, State Ministry of State Owned Enterprises and the Central Bureau of Statistics. The IRU-RoI is coordinated by Bank Indonesia.

The detail objectives of IRU-FPA are among others:

  1. To disseminate the latest economic development and fiscal policies through some events such as ministerial roadshow, analyst meeting, investors’ teleconference and investors’ gathering.
  2. To maintain analysts and investor’s positive perception on Indonesia economy through continuous communication and meeting.
  3. To establish direct contact between IRU staffs with the investors in order to address concerns and questions regarding Indonesia recent economic development and its policies.
  4. To maintain coordination and communication with other members of IRU-RoI.

Date Title File
01-07-2020 Updates on Perpres No. 72/2020 Read
22-06-2020 Economic and Fiscal Updates - Jun 2020 Read

IRU-FPA contacts:

Hidayat Amir

Head of Center of Macroeconomic Policy

62-21 384 6379

62-21 381 0181

hidayatamir (at)

Putri Rizki Yulianti

62-21 345 0012

62-21 381 0181

putri.yulianti (at)

Johan Zulkarnain Kasim

62-21 345 0012

62-21 381 0181

johan.kasim (at)


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